At Soul Quest Canada, we use depth psychology and nature-based Soulcraft™ practices to support individuals and groups in an exploration where deeper life purpose and meaning can take place – a soul discovery process leading to increased awareness of personal abilities, potentials, and purpose.


We find ourselves at a hinge point of human history; all living systems on Earth are in decline and the rate of decline is accelerating.  Moreover, people, especially in the west, feel socially isolated, demoralized by the political process, and uncertain of their economic future. Against this grim backdrop, many have called for what Joanna Macy refers to as the Great Turning, a conscious shift in the relationship of humans to the rest of the Earth Community.  To achieve this, we must dramatically increase the number of people who have undergone soul initiation – who have looked beneath their personality and connected with their unique soul gifts that they might bring to the work of the Great Turning. 

Soul Quest Canada creates space in which “conversations that matter” can take place. “Conversation” in this sense can be defined as an engagement with all things around us and all that we encounter within and without. Not simply a verbal exchange, but also a physical and nonverbal interaction – even an imaginative process.  These conversations are supported with the integration of Soulcraft™ practices, skills that support ego’s conversation with soul – and what Jung describes as an integration of the unconscious into consciousness.

We offer a variety of programs that are tailored for all audiences; helping professionals and educators; and organizational leaders and their teams. Programs are designed to grow your competence at Soulcraft practices which open the conversation with the human and more than human world that is necessary to support the quest of a profound engagement with Self and soul – a journey that is necessary for discovering your deepest potentials, fulfillment and purpose.

Conversation embodies a series of soulful practices, offering nature-based group programming designed for Wild Conversations (with particular focus on Self-healing and wholeness practices) and Soulful Conversations (for those seeking deeper exploration of soul). We also offer rigorous individual mentorships for those called to deepen their engagement with soul and to further the transformation process prior to and following group programs.  We have found that the combination of programming and mentorship is invaluable in helping participants become empowered to lead more fulfilling and meaningful lives.

A particular focus of Soul Quest Canada is helping people reconnect with the wild – and their own innate wild nature. This work, which we call “earth alchemy”, invites our clients to experience first-hand the magical, alchemical process between the body and the earth when in relationship – deep conversation – with wild lands.

Canada is a vast country with incredible wild lands, lands where the veil between the worlds of form and spirit is thin, lands where the pulse of life is palpable.  And even if you live in cities, as most of us do, the influence or pull of the wild is never far away.  To date, however, there have been few offerings of nature-based Soulcraft™ programs in Canada, leaving us no option but to travel, at considerable expense, to the United States or elsewhere.  Soul Quest Canada aims to fill this void and offer qualified, local programs in extraordinary natural settings. Currently, programs are offered in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains where the prairie grasslands meet the shadows of snow-capped spires; and amid the arbutus and quartz beauty of Maple Mountain on Vancouver Island.


The historic mission of our times is to reinvent the human—at the species level, with critical reflection, within the community of life systems, in a time-developmental context, by means of story, and shared dream experience.

– Thomas Berry