Extraordinary people doing soulful work and with whom we are pleased to collaborate:

Inscendence Soulcentric Life Coaching - www.facebook.com/inscendencesoulcentriclifecoaching/

Rob Abbott, MA, CMC, CLC, is a pioneering sustainability and social responsibility catalyst in Canada; a professor of strategy and sustainability at Royal Roads University in Victoria, British Columbia; and a soulcentric coach who brings a holistic, compassionate and inventive approach to guide individuals and groups through the terrain of the personal and the professional.  All of his work is focused on empowering people to find answers that help them live their fullest expression and potential. With a love for the world around him, he brings a welcoming and grounded presence that helps others to lean into the wild within and their deepest life purpose and meaning. Rob has published two books, Thoreau and the Nature of Business, and Conscious Endeavors: Essays on Business, Society and the Journey to Sustainability.  Both speak to the behaviors we must change to achieve sustainability as a society.


Playing into Wholenesswww.playingingintowholeness.com

Dr. Mike Daniel, D.C., MSc., is a soul oriented depth and nature guide, artist and somatic movement therapist. His unique guiding approach has evolved from over 30 years of personal depth work and somatic therapy with thousands of individuals. Using nature-based practices, artistry, dream work and play Mike guides individuals and groups on an exploration of what might be the deepest “treasure” a human being has, their soul. By undertaking soul journey processes one can unearth hidden facets of our own nature, qualities which can enliven our lives and create new and deeper meaning to live by. Mike presently offers workshops and programs in and around Edmonton, Alberta. He also runs Still Point Pilates Studio a rehabilitation based therapeutic space and Anima Mundi Designs a soul and nature oriented photography/art studio.

Bruce Howatt was pulled towards wildness at a young age and continues to explore the wilderness of psyche, the deep imagination as well as relationship with the more than human. Having trained with the Animas Valley Institute as a nature-based soul guide, he is dedicated to helping others to explore their own authentic nature to further cultivate a deeper relationship to Soul and discovery of the unique genius that they alone carry.  Bruce is also an ACMG/IFMGA Mountain Guide in British Columbia, a photographer and a general all-around mischief maker.


Our Sacred Wellness - www.sacredhealer.ca

Becky Traptow has been in the inner healing world, her own and others, for 25 years. Her passion is to help people transform their relationship to themselves, and as a result, their relationship to others. She helps people re-member themselves, discovering the wealth of their inner worlds, recovering their vitality, wholeness and greater physical movement which increases access to stuck emotions and the path of soul.
Currently, she is a Rosen Method Bodywork Intern (3rd year) with The Rosen Method Institute of Canada; a somatic practice, accessing the unconscious through touch. Also, she has been involved with Animas Valley Institute for the past 5 years and is currently in training as a human development guide.
Becky can be found working out of her home in Red Deer, AB, where she has a private practice weaving soulwork, bodywork, somatic depth psychology, ceremony and nature based wholeness practices with individuals and groups.