Where Do You Find Yourself?

Many people, in all regions of Canada – and across the globe - find themselves at a crossroads in their lives.  Whether as a result of job loss, life transition, or a sense of emptiness, the common denominator is a curiosity or yearning for a deeper connection with soul.

Is Soul Quest Canada for you? The answer is likely yes if any of the following are true for you:

  • You have a sense that you have yet to realize your fullest potential or life purpose
  • You have a curiosity about soul and what that means for you
  • You have engaged in some soulful practices and wish to deepen your level of engagement
  • You are challenged by what is unfolding in the world today, and are compelled to take action
  • You seek clarity on what your contribution in the Greater Earth community might be

Check out our upcoming Wild Conversations for all audiences day program (under 2017 Programs) scheduled for May 6th of 2017 at 1-525 Maple Mountain Road in Duncan, B.C.

Helping Professional Development and Care

Jessica Rosin has long been fascinated by the extent to which members of the “helping professions” (health care providers, teachers, and others) are engaged in self-reflection leading to greater personal awareness and development – and ultimately, better professional presence and abilities.

In a paper published in the January 2015 volume of Journal of Counseling and Development, “The Necessity of Counselor Individuation for Fostering Reflective Practice”, Jessica argues that counselor individuation is pivotal if one is to acquire the capabilities necessary for reflective practice.  To do this, individuals must transition to a higher stage of development and what Carl Jung called the second half of life of the individuation process – the integration of the unconscious into the conscious realm.  A paradigm shift, or fundamental change in worldview is frequently necessary to trigger such a transition. Furthermore, this calls for deeper (soulcentric) forms of personal exploration and integration. While this is not easy work – and is therefore most helpfully done in concert with mentors, collegial support, and personal therapy – Jessica notes that depth work is crucial for individuals to acquire the necessary higher cognitive and affective capabilities necessary for reflective practice as they progress in the second half of life.

You can read Jessica’s complete paper here.

The need for a progression in development, and therefore engagement in soulcentric forms of personal development, is true for all helping professionals. Today, many helping professionals are overworked and operating with little work/home life balance. This leaves them either at risk of or in a state of burn out. Further, despite the outward appearance of success, they experience a sense of isolation, disconnection, and lack of fulfillment. Ultimately, helping professionals are denied access to their deepest potentials, while simultaneously having a negative impact on the lives they touch.

Soul Quest Canada is developing a series of programs specifically designed for the personal development of health care professionals. The focus of these programs will be to assist professionals in undertaking the soulful work necessary for them to connect with unclaimed parts of themselves, strive toward Self-actualization, to better treat those with whom they work, and to discover a deeper way they might serve the greater Earth community.

Check out our upcoming Wild Conversations for Helping Professionals day program (under 2017 Programs) scheduled for May 27th of 2017 at the Strathcona Wilderness Centre near Edmonton, Alberta.

Organizational Leaders and their Teams

The ability to recognize the importance of ongoing personal and professional development for manager-leaders and their teams is an important first step in the creation of a truly excellent organizational culture.  Currently, the focal point of most training and development are company or industry-specific technical, engineering or scientific programs, or company-subsidized university degrees that are “relevant” to the company’s business.  More creatively, training is also offered in programs designed to help improve teambuilding or the capacity to work together, such as those based on personality profiles or individual personality colors.

Despite these efforts, leaders and team members continue to experience common struggles, including difficulty making decisions, lack of creativity, workplace conflict and Groupthink. Further, the challenges facing individuals, organizations, and the planet at this time call for something more and something different – and on a deeper and personal level.  Specifically, an experiential program that focuses on the individual self-discovery process necessary for effective leadership and team participation, and strategies for attaining increased insight of the workings beneath their individual personalities.  These two processes are necessary prerequisites for organizational leaders and their teams to connect with their truer personal abilities, potentials, and purpose and, ultimately, to put forth a positive and healthy contribution to the organizational culture.

Individuals or groups from any organization are welcome to attend Soul Quest Canada programs, and SQC can tailor any of our offerings to meet the specific needs of an organization and its teams.  If you are a leader or influencer within your organization and you sense that something “new” is needed to help your organization realize its full potential or otherwise better cope with the rapid and non-linear change in the world, please contact us to explore how we can assist with your human development and workforce management.