At SQC, conversation refers to an engagement with all things around us and all that we encounter within and without – it is not simply a verbal exchange between two humans, but rather, a deep engagement with the layers of the Self, and equally, a deep engagement with the animate world.

Two primary categories of conversation with which we work at SQC are:

Wild Conversations refers to offerings designed to engage in Self-healing and wholeness practices. Particular focus is placed on exploring the four facets of the Self, or the four dimensions of innate human wholeness – and equally, the four sets of fragmented or wounded parts that form during childhood.  These conversations are directed at cultivating the four facets of the Self and discovering the gifts in our wounded parts.

Soulful Conversations refers to practices that focus on the descent to soul and the deeper layers beneath consciousness. These conversations involve introductions to and deepening with Soulcraft™ practices designed for tracking traces of soul and the way(s) one’s soul journey unfolds. In soulful conversations, focus is placed on images, symbols and other signs that lay within the unconscious - with the aim to gain insight into one's truest gifts and purpose.


Program and Mentorship Offerings

All of our work – individual or group – is directed towards deep immersion in Wild and Soulful Conversations. In support of this, we offer a variety of program formats to meet the needs of many:

  • 2-hour workshop sessions
  • Half-day and full-day options
  • Weekend retreats that allow for deeper immersion.

Mentorship - individual sessions for those called to deepen their engagement with soul and to further the transformation process prior to and following group programs.  We have found that the combination of programming and mentorship is invaluable in helping participants become empowered to lead more fulfilling and meaningful lives.


2017 Programs

Wild Conversations – A Deeper Journey to Healing, Wholeness and Self-actualization

July 22, 2017 - With Becky Traptow and Jessica Rosin

Group: For all audiences

Location: Heritage Ranch - 6300 Cronquist Dr, Red Deer, Alberta

The "Jewel of Red Deer", Heritage Ranch is centrally located in Red Deer area, sitting on 207 acres of extraordinary municipal land - situated along the river, holding a myriad of wandering trails.

Time: 9AM - 4PM

Fee: $125

November 25, 2017 - With Mike Daniel and Jessica Rosin

Group: For all audiences

Location: Strathcona Wilderness Centre - 52535 Range Road 212, Ardrossan, Alberta

In Strathcona County, half hour drive East from Edmonton; near Bennett Lake on 550 acres of parkland, filled with aspen, birch and poplar, and 12 km of interpretive trails to explore.

Time: 9AM - 4PM

Fee: $150

Description: The Wild Conversations day programs will be based on Bill Plotkin’s book, Wild Mind: A Field Guide to the Human Psyche, this program is an experiential exploration of our internal resources and untapped potentials.  We will discover the resources of the four facets of Self, or the four dimensions of human wholeness. We will also explore the way the facets of Self can support the process of healing our fragmented or wounded parts (subpersonalities) formed during childhood.  As we more fully embody our multifaceted minds, we are better able to access and commit ourselves to our deepest longings.

Using depth psychology and nature-based Soulcraft™ practices, including solo exercises while wandering on the land, creative expression, deep imagery work, council, and journaling, we will discover:

  • Practices for engaging in conversation with the land, and the way this conversation leads to a deeper conversation with Self
  • Strategies for cultivating the four facets of the Self and beginning to integrate them into your everyday life
  • Practices for identifying the subpersonalities and cultivating the relationships between Self and subpersonalities – enabling you to heal your subpersonalities; discover their gifts, and foster Self-actualization

 Exploring the Dream World - Discover the Mysteries of the Unconscious

One more evenings set aside, with more TBA...The Dreamwork sessions will be led by Jessica Rosin and take place from 6 - 8PM at the Great Life Psychology Centre:

  • June 28, 2017

Location: Greatlife Psychology Centre

Athabasca Professional Centre
#206, 80 Chippewa Road
Sherwood Park, Alberta

Fee: $20 per evening

You are invited to join Jessica as we dive into the landscape of your dreams during this monthly Dreamwork group - come with your dreams, come with your imagination, come with your curiosity.

During these monthly gatherings, we will use a variety of Soulcraft™ practices as we:

  • learn about dreams
  • share our dreams
  • explore ways to engage in conversation with your dreams
  • learn how to deepen into your dreams

Discover what dreams can reveal to you about where you are, where you’ve been, where you’re going - about your Self and your deeper potentials.

Refreshments and light snack will be supplied.

Nature-Based Poetry: Igniting the Muse

Two additional evenings have been set aside...The Nature-Based Poetry sessions will be led by Rob Abbott and take place from 6 - 8PM on:

  • May 24, 2017
  • June 28, 2017

Location: 1-525 Maple Mountain Road, Duncan, B.C.

Fee: $20 per evening

You are invited to join Rob as we cultivate the muse that enables our poetic expression during this monthly poetry group - come with your imagination, come with your curiosity, come with your soul-stirred from wanderings on the land.

During these monthly gatherings, we will explore how poetry comes from and can take us deeper into a conversation with soul.  Equally, we will write and share poems that are yearning to be birthed from our imaginal realms.

Refreshments and light snack will be supplied.

Prospective Programs

Wild and Soulful Conversations for Organizational Leaders and their Teams

At this time of planetary chaos, we believe new forms of leadership are being called forth.  While all of our programs can be tailored to a specific organizational audience, we are actively exploring how we might best serve the needs of organizational leaders and their teams.  With this in mind, we invite you to reach out and begin a conversation with us about how to shape your future.

We are committed to serving anyone in Canada, and will travel to you to work with your team.