At SQC, conversation refers to an engagement with all things around us and all that we encounter within and without – it is not simply a verbal exchange between two humans, but rather, a deep engagement with the layers of the Self, and equally, a deep engagement with the animate world.

Two primary categories of conversation with which we work are:

Wild Conversations refers to offerings designed to engage in Self-healing and wholeness practices. Particular focus is placed on exploring the four facets of the Self, or the four dimensions of innate human wholeness – and equally, the four sets of fragmented or wounded parts that form during childhood.  These conversations are directed at cultivating the four facets of the Self and discovering the gifts in our wounded parts.

Soulful Conversations refers to practices that focus on the descent to soul and the deeper layers beneath consciousness. These conversations involve introductions to and deepening with Soulcraft™ practices designed for tracking traces of soul and the way(s) one’s soul journey unfolds. In soulful conversations, focus is placed on images, symbols and other signs that lay within the unconscious - with the aim to gain insight into one's truest gifts and purpose.


Program and Mentorship Offerings

All of our work – individual or group – is directed towards deep immersion in Wild and Soulful Conversations. In support of this, we offer a variety of program formats to meet the needs of many:

  • 2-hour workshop sessions
  • Half-day and one-day workshops
  • Weekend retreats and 5-day intensives that allow for deeper immersion.

Mentorship - individual sessions for those called to deepen their engagement with soul and to further the transformation process prior to and following group programs.  We have found that the combination of programming and mentorship is invaluable in helping participants become empowered to lead more fulfilling and meaningful lives.


2019/2020 Programs

The Secrets of Self-Transformation

September 28, 2019

Location: Strathcona Wilderness Centre

Time: 9:30AM - 4:30PM

Fee: $300

Description: a dynamic one-day program as we explore the secrets of self-transformation. During our time together, we will explore the story of the life you are living right now, learn to leave your old story behind, and begin to step into your life in a new and very real way. Using a variety of practices including guided imagery, experiential activities on the land, and creative expression, you will discover:

• The root causes of choices, patterns, and behaviours that keep you in your old story
• Barriers to leaving the old way of being and ways to overcome them – that enable and empower you to step into a new way
• Ways to better transition from old story to new story – the resources needed on a practical level to make it happen

Many of us find ourselves living an “old story”, repeating unhealthy patterns, choices and behaviors from earlier stages of life. This frequently results in disconnection, addiction, co-dependent relationships, poor communication, and one or more of the following: significant degrees of stress, anxiety, burnout, lack of fulfillment, or depression.

Others have taken the initial steps to begin a new life, and are wondering how to move forward or sustain momentum.

As we find that the old ways are no longer working, we ask: what exactly is meaningful in my life right now? What is the life I’d rather be living? How can I begin to create a "new story" of my that is more real and authentic? A new story that helps me live a more fulfilled life. We will help you to identify and break away from patterns that no longer serve you - the "old story" of your life - and begin accessing inner resources, and creating a "new story" that reflects a healthier, happier, more fulfilling life.


The Deeper Secrets of Self-Transformation

May 22 - May 24, 2020

Location: Pure Awareness Yoga & Retreats Center - 463060 Range Rd 32, Winfield, Alberta

Time: 3PM (May 22) - 12PM (May 24)

Fee: $500

Description: a dynamic weekend workshop as we explore the deeper secrets of self-transformation. We will help you to identify and break away from patterns that no longer serve you - the "old story" of your life - and begin creating a "new story" that reflects a healthier, happier, more fulfilling life.

We will use a variety of practices including guided imagery, council, self-designed ceremony, nature-based connection, experiential activities on the land, and creative expression to support our work. This weekend workshop is designed to help you lean in to the process of change and shift your thoughts and behaviours that have held you back – and clear the way for new life-affirming ways to come alive. Overcoming barriers, cultivating healing and wholeness, creating a vision for a new beginning, establishing priorities and making good choices, and creating a plan of action will further animate our time together.

Our weekend adventure will take place at Pure Awareness, a beautiful retreat center with over 4km of groomed trail through forest and grassy hills, and a variety of cabins for our comfort. Located one hour outside of Edmonton - close enough for quick travel, and far enough to truly get away and discover one's Self. Visit for further details on the venue and amenities.

Space is limited to 12, so reserve your spot soon!


Tending Our Inner Fire: Living the Edges of Self and Soul in the Mountains of British Columbia

August 2020

Location: Backcountry camping in Vowell Creek Valley in the Purcell Mountains

Date and Time: TBA

Fee: $700

Description: a 5-day, backcountry Self and Soul discovery adventure deep in the Mountains of British Columbia.

Exploration of Self and Soul - inner work - is enhanced when we leave our “day world” lives behind and venture into the wild. It is in these places that we often feel, hear, and remember the expressions of our deepest longings – where we can truly encounter unexplored aspects of our ways of being, meaning, and identities. In our adventures, we will have the space to lean into some of your deeper life questions, shift patterns that have held you back, and step into new life-affirming ways of being in the world. The land and beings around us are powerful teachers, and this will be further deepened by several practices that will reveal the mysteries of Self and Soul, including the art of council, deep imagery, dreamwork, self-designed ceremony, talking across the species boundaries.

During our time together, we will blend physical exploration with inner work to uncover new possibilities for showing up differently in our lives. The program will take place in the Vowell Creek Valley, deep in the heart of the Purcell Mountains. Vowell Creek lies on the North edge of the Bugaboos and carries the meltwaters from the Conrad Icefield to the Columbia River. We will use zip lines and the via ferrata as we hike alongside waterfalls and the Conrad Icefield. It is here, cradled by peaks, tarns, glaciers and soaring vistas that we will gather for 5 extraordinary days.

This program offers the opportunity to explore the limits of your physical and psychospiritual potential in a safe and supported environment. This program will be guided each step of the way by Jessica Rosin, Registered Psychologist and Nature Based Soul Guide, and Bruce Howatt, Nature Based Soul Guide and IFMGA/ACMG Mountain Guide.



 Call to Council

Join us as we weave soulful community through a monthly council. We facilitate practices that are ancient, experiential, and kinesthetic with the intention of fostering connection to the whole Self, Spirit, Soul, to community, and to the Earth. You are invited to discover, experience, and share your deepest meaning in a safe, supportive community.

In these monthly gatherings you will be encouraged and supported to sink into “deep time”, the mysterious current that pulses beneath the surface of our everyday lives. This space is offered to all those feeling called to:

  • Connect with Spirit and Soul-Centered community
  • Speak from heart and soul
  • Deepen relationship with Earth and Others
  • Acknowledge and celebrate the transformational cycles that bring endings and new beginnings
  • Find stillness and turn inward – as we connect outward
  • Explore practices that support deepening into Self, Spirit, Soul

Each month we will explore a chosen topic, designed to support our connecting further with community, Earth, Self and Soul. There will be a potluck of appetizers/desserts following the council. Please bring an offering (even if small) for us to share.

Donations accepted ($20.00 recommended). It can be paid in advance via Paypal at Me/soulquestcanada

Contact Jessica, jessica@soulquestcanada,ca for more information, and for details on the month's council date and theme.