Soul Quest Canada is the product of two complementary visions coming together to create something extraordinary.    Jessica Rosin is a depth psychologist with extensive experience guiding individuals and groups in all aspects of wellness and wholeness.  She has powerful intuitive skills and a rare ability to ground her guiding in a solid psychological foundation. Rob Abbott is a pioneering sustainability and social responsibility consultant, and professor of global management and sustainability with a passion for wild lands and the psychospiritual changes that can happen there.  He has coached and mentored individuals and groups in many of the leadership organizations globally who have defined the first era of sustainability and social responsibility.

Both Jessica and Rob have been actively engaged in their own soul quest work for many years, and have come together to leverage their collective experience, expertise and point-of-view on the journey to soul.

Jessica Rosin, M.C., is a depth psychologist and soul-oriented nature-based guide. As Co-founder of Soul Quest Canada, she is dedicated to guiding women and men along their paths of soul discovery and embodiment.  She has a parallel practice as a Registered Psychologist helping those experiencing distress caused by childhood abuse and trauma, addictions, anxiety and depression, grief and loss, relationship struggles, and self/identity concerns.

During a solo vision quest in Capitol Reef National Park in 2015, Jessica encountered her unique soul image and gifts.  Shortly thereafter, she was accepted as an apprentice to psycho-spiritual wilderness guiding by the international leader in the field, the Animas Valley Institute.

Rooted in depth psychology and nature-based Soulcraft™ practices, Soul Quest Canada has come into being at a time when Jessica hears persistent expressions of unrelenting distress and unfulfilled lives. She has been moved by stories of dissatisfaction with mainstream society and its overreliance on ineffective therapeutic approaches that encourage conformity to unhealthy social and political environments and prescribed medications. She hears the longing of people for direction, purpose and meaning in their lives…a connection, something real.  SQC exists to support people in addressing this void in their lives.

With fierce compassion, Jessica walks with others in their soul journey – as a guide she knows there is no end to this learning and the embodiment of one’s true gifts. She is an intuitive tracker and mentor for those who wish to follow their unique soul threads and step into the river that runs beneath the surface of everyday life. She uses Soulcraft™ practices such as dreamwork, deep imagination, artistic expression, talking across the species boundary, self-designed ceremony, and shadow work to connect with her program participants.

Rob Abbott, PhD, CMC

Rob Abbott has devoted most of his life to trying to reduce the worst impacts of contemporary mainstream society on the natural and cultural environments; and proposing alternative structures and processes to create wealth and well being with a lighter ecological footprint.  He was the first certified management consultant in Canada to focus on sustainability as a strategic business issue, and he led pioneering sustainability and social responsibility work for businesses, governments and academic institutions across the globe.  His first two books, Uncommon Cents, and Conscious Endeavors, summarized everything he believed about human-environment relations.  As Rob puts it: “It was good, important work, and it wasn’t enough.  A different kind of leadership and a different kind of experiential learning is called for now”.

Rob came to this place of awareness during a solo vision fast in Capitol Reef National Park: “I opened myself to a consciousness shaped by the land and the more-than-human others who live there; shaped by the water and sky; shaped by my dreams".  Subsequent work with the images and symbols in his dreams and continued conversations with the natural world directed Rob to guide others in reconnecting with the wild – and their own wild nature.  He calls this work “earth alchemy” to acknowledge the magical, alchemical process that he has experienced first-hand when in relationship with the Earth:  “It is a process that unfolds or unweaves me; changes me chemically and otherwise; allows me to access wisdom that is buried deep within – within me and within the Earth”.

Rob’s experiences have led him to conclude that if we connect with our essential wild nature we are that much closer to claiming that unique gift that we carry to our people – the gift that helps us transcend whatever constraints we thought were limiting the fullest expression of our gifts in the world.